Camper Kits

Get the most out of your vehicle's boot

The Camper Kit converts your passengers van or cargo van into a campervan in seconds. It features a bed that folds completely into the boot of the vehicle, so it does not need homologation and allows to keep all the seats.

Thanks to our bed supports system the bed can be mounted with any configuration of seats, or without any.

The system consists of a main structure with a foldable bed attached, bed supports and a mattress in olive green colour.

The tailor-made mattress is designed for maximum comfort and space-saving. It’s made of a super-comfortable combination of high resilience foam and viscoelastic, inside an accordion type cover that when unfold creates a one solid piece bed. The mattress cover is made of an ultra-resistant and anti-stain fabric. And a heavy-duty bag is also included for transport and storage.

The bed frame design makes a completely flat and continuous bed structure, without steps or protrusions. The ventilation pattern avoid condensation and prevent moisture.

Soft and friendly to the touch, there is no sharp edges or fasteners that scratch you or damage the mattress.

Designed to last, it’s made with industrial and military grade materials. Our unique joining system based on metric screws and barrel nuts makes a solid, durable and repairable mechanical connection.

A part from the 2-year European legal warranty we add a 10-year reparation warranty for the furniture materials and labor (mattress, transportation or any other expense are not included).

Assembly video

Assembly and disassembly in less than a minute.

Available Vehicles

The Camper Kit is specifically designed to fit each vehicle model. Please contact us if you don’t find yours.