About us

Making our own path

Camperlove begin in 2017, when Marc build the first Camperlove prototype to cross the Pyrenees Mountains with his partner Marta on an old Suzuki Vitara Wagon.

Many prototypes after, the business began building camper furniture for small vans and off-road vehicles, and it grew organically to medium and large van conversions.

Marc is Camperlove founder and head of design, he is an industrial designer with a professional background as inventor of mechanical and pneumatical devices for the cycling industry. His approach to design is to make it simple, sturdy and functional, letting the function to define the form.

We are based in Andorra, a small country in Europe, between Catalonia, Spain and France. Crossed by the Pyrenees Mountains and surrounded by outstanding nature, Andorra is a paradise for the outdoors and off-road lovers. And not to be ignored, it has the lowest VAT rate in Europe.

Our office is in the middle of Vallnord Bikepark & Ski Resort, the Trans-Pyrenees 4×4 route itself pass just in front of our door and there is many camper spots around to overnight with astonishing views, so it’s worth to make us a visit and tell us about your dream camper project!